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Turn-key Services and Programs for Your Lawn and Home

Lawn Authority Has the Irrigation Solutions to
Make Your Lawn ‘Golf Course Green!

Lawn Irrigation InformationAn automatic sprinkler system will keep your entire landscape growing lush and green while saving you both time and water.

Forget the hit-or-miss watering that comes with hauling hoses and moving sprinklers. A professionally designed underground system from Lawn Authority gives your lawn and landscape the right amount of water at the right time ... automatically!

Key Benefits for Your Lawn
  • Promotes a healthier, growing turf
  • Protects your investment
  • Keeps soil from compacting
  • Keeps flowers, plants and trees properly watered … even during the hottest months!

Lawn Authority offers you superior irrigation system solutions. We can oversee your irrigation system installation, service and repair.


Installing an automatic sprinkler system in your lawn will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. We oversee the entire process—from design through installation. You’ll love the many benefits!

  • Save on water
    Have each area of your lawn get the amount of water you program it to get. No more forgetting to move the hoses
  • Enjoy more free time
    No more dragging around the hoses and sprinklers.
  • Increase the value of your home
    An Irrigation System is a great investment in your home.
  • A Beautiful Lawn
    Watering and fertilizing your lawn is a must for a lush, green & healthy lawn.


Lawn Authority services all brands of Irrigation Systems.

  • Spring Start up
    Pressurize the system, set the clock, and adjust the heads as needed.
  • Backflow Certification

Test and Certify the Backflow for proper operation.

  • Fall Shut down
    Blow water out of the Irrigation lines, Drain the Backflow, and shut off the water supply and clock.

Save by prepaying for all three services! Call for special pricing.


Lawn Authority repairs all brands of Irrigation Systems.

  • Replace and Update Heads
    Replace old or damaged heads with new state of the art technology.
  • Add another Zone
    Add a zone for landscaping or to an area that may not be covered by
    your current system.
  • Update your System
    Replace your old clock with a new, more versatile controller. Save
    water by adding a rain sensor to shut off your system when it rains and
    the ground has enough water.

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