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We are pleased to offer you expert advice to achieve the lawn of your dreams. Take a look below and you’ll find solutions for several challenges you might be having in your yard or around your home. It’s the information you need … right at your fingertips. Be sure to check back regularly for fresh tips, advice and support from Lawn Authority.

Where in the World Did all these Weeds Come From!?

Weeds cannot be prevented. However, a thick and healthy lawn (properly fertilized, watered, and mowed) can greatly reduce the amount of weed seeds that can grow in your lawn. Weed seeds are almost always present in the air and can land in your lawn and grow. Weed seeds can come from a neighbor’s lawn, a field, or from a source farther away.

Lawn Authority is also the weed authority. So we are well-versed with controlling and eliminating with our safe and professional applications. Some weeds such as clover and ground ivy are harder to kill and may require additional weed sprayings.